In November, 2022, I attended my first live in residency at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, CO. While there, I continued to develop my ongoing series, On Love & Consumption, which began in 2020.  I focused on watercolor painting and poetry, which I later performed during open studios. Some of my favorite moments of this residency included Tomato, the studio cat, the beautiful mountain scenery and quirky small town atmosphere, and my amazing cohort.

Since its inception in 2011, the Elsewhere Studios Residency Program has hosted over over 300 artists from over 21 countries. Elsewhere is open to visual artists, writers, musicians, and performing artists as well as scientists, activists, teachers, students, or any kind of creative worker interested in exploring and expanding their work. Artists are supported in the creation of new work and new ideas through dedicated time, a space conducive to focused work, and an environment that is both stimulating and nurturing.