On Love & Consumption is a body of mixed media works that plays on a kitsch aesthetic and a maximalist approach that critiques higher social classes and gender through satire and dark humor.  Using the historical archetype of Marie Antoinette, reimagined with a modern twist, I examine the current state of late stage capitalism and its parallels to the French Revolution in terms of wealth inequality and economic oppression, coupled with the seemingly insatiable appetites of the upper crust.

Sad Little Rich Girl

Mixed media painting (acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, lace, faux fur), 18"x 24", 2023

Trapped in a Toxic Paradise

Mixed media painting (watercolor, acyclic, pen & ink, glitter, wool), 28.5"x40.5", 2023

Suck it Up, Buttercup

Mixed media painting (acrylic, glitter, faux fur), 24"x36", 2023

No Crying in the Land
of Milk & Honey

Mixed media painting (watercolor, pen & ink, foam, spackle), 14"x11", 2023


Mixed media painting ( watercolor, pen & ink, foam, gold leaf, craft moss), 14"x11", 2022

Tip Me Over & Pour Me Out

Mixed media painting (watercolor, pen & ink, foam, spackle), 14"x11", 2023


Mixed media painting (watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pen & ink, foam), 18"x24", 2023


Mixed media painting (watercolor, acrylic, hand stenciling, pen & ink), 20"x20", 2023

Sugar Rush

Mixed media painting (watercolor, pen & ink, glitter), 20"x24, 2023