Eat, Buy, Love

Eat, Buy, Love is an ongoing performance that follows the exploits of excess, narcissism, and over indulgence through a modern day Marie Antoinette.

Tea Time in Turbulence

Tea Time in Turbulence is an examination on class, income inequality, ritualistic practices, and isolation in the midst of a pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that the experiences of the wealthy are unequivocally disparate to that of the working class and poor.


The infantilization of women is a form of paraphilia; to fantasize and sexualize grown women as children, by which our society systemically equates femininity with things like vulnerability, submission, uncertainty, and childhood. To be womanly today is to be, in many senses, infantile.

Patriarchy is Violence

Patriarchy is Violence is an exploration of the male gaze and the hyper-sexualization of women reduced to parts; idealized as passive and existing for the pleasure of men.

Christmas in Quarantine

The corona-virus pandemic inspired the exploration of isolation, the glamorization of the post-apocalyptic, and ritualistic traditions and what that means in a world turned upside down. Christmas in Quarantine is a one-woman performance re-imagining the traditions of Christmas in isolation, without the connections of friends and family the holiday represents.

Reminiscent Memories Of A More Moral Past

Reminiscent Memories of a More Moral Past takes a look at how we view history with rose colored glasses. We often hear that the breakdown of values and morals are caused by the degeneration of the family unit and blurred lines of gender roles in the household. This series peels away the layers of the assumed morality of the nuclear family in between the valued advice provided by the pages of Good Housekeeping and pinup smut.