Tea Time in Turbulence was performed live on stage at the Berrie Center for the Arts at Ramapo College of NJ in September, 2020. It is an examination on class, income inequality, ritualistic practices, and isolation in a world turned upside down.  In the midst of pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that the experiences of the wealthy are unequivocally disparate to that of the working class and poor. Those with wealth have the ability to hide in the luxury of their summer homes and pay others to carry on their daily business for them without fear of losing their equity, while the masses must either continue to work and put the health and safety of themselves and their families at risk, or have lost their jobs and are under financial duress as a result.

Tea Time in Turbulence is a sullen reminder that throughout history, the uncertain times of plague and pandemic spurred the masses to either hide away in isolation or refuse to believe the severity of the situation and act recklessly.  In either path that is chosen, there is often a desperate need to seek normalcy through ritualistic practices, while also over indulging, fearing each day may be our last.