Visual Media


The Maiden & The Crone

"The Maiden & The Crone" pulls inspiration from fairytales, parables, and other tales throughout history, in which female characters are often depicted as young and vulnerable or old and wicked.

Terms of Endearment

"Terms of Endearment" is a series of work based on my personal inner monologue as I process and internalize the micro aggressions and unwanted advances or attention from men. Historically, terms of endearment is a word or phrase used to address or describe someone or something the speaker feels love or affection for. Often, men take liberty to use various phrases, from catcalls to pick up lines, to make women feel uncomfortable, "come on to", and in extreme cases harass. This series is meant to find empowering words, phrases and "clapbacks" I have often wished I said in those situations.

Victim Shame Body Blame

Victim Shame, Body Blame is an analysis of American rape culture, toxic masculinity and the ever lasting effects our patriarchal society has had on both men and women, as we continue to blame and shame the victims of sexual violence, as perpetrators are rendered free from culpability. This body of work scrutinizes the amalgamation of victim shaming tropes that men and women are taught throughout their lives, both passively and actively, through social norms, pop culture, our educational and legal systems, religious establishments, and familial influences and upbringing.

Treacherous Women

Treacherous Women features women in history who have been deemed dangerous, radical, or too powerful by their contemporaries and historians alike. Many of the women showcased were publicly slandered, wrongfully accused of crimes, and given alternate histories. These women were unapologetic, and steadfast in their circumstances. From the marginalized to the ruling class, they were by all accounts, considered treacherous women.

Crimes Of Infamy

Crimes of Infamy is a portrait series of high profile crimes that took place throughout American history. Each portrait focuses on women and girls that were violently brutalized and murdered. The details of each crime are depicted through the details in each portrait. This portrait series is an analysis of how differently the media and our legal system has treated victims from different backgrounds. Along with each portrait, I share their stories.


Featured in The ArtLab Gallery in 2016, this collaborative exhibition with Kate Eggleston was an intersection of technology and feminism. The two artists and educators met as undergraduates at Ramapo College of NJ. O’Connor’s gritty artistic vision embodies mixed media experimentation that leaves the viewer with a feeling of unease. Eggleston employs found objects, textiles, and homespun techniques to create work with a mix of whimsy and aggression. AUTOMATON is a manifestation of identity and gender degradation. The artists welcome the viewer into the automata’s inner sanctum, where they will be immersed in an amalgamated world of primitive automation.