Treacherous Women

Treacherous Women is a portrait series that features women in history who have been deemed dangerous, radical, or too powerful by their contemporaries and historians alike.  Many of the women showcased were publicly slandered, wrongfully accused of crimes, and given alternate histories. These women were unapologetic, and steadfast in their circumstances.  From the marginalized to the ruling class, they were by all accounts, considered treacherous women.


 Many of these subjects have been considered women of controversy, at some point during their lives.  They were outspoken, and pushed societal norms. They outraged their contemporaries, and were smeared or overlooked by historians.


Would these women have been persecuted if they had been men?  Would they have been considered controversial? Would they have been forgotten or overlooked? Would they have been hated?

Would her behavior have been seen as treacherous, if she had been a man?